by | Sep 11, 2021

Fight invisible pollution without even trying!

Did you know that every day, our skin is exposed to an abundance of environmental aggressors that contribute to long-term skin damage?

We’re talking pollution, hot and cold temperatures, cigarette smoke, UV rays and even the blue light from our devices! Yikes.

These contribute to free radical damage – one of the leading contributors of premature ageing. So, how do we fight off these nasty free radicals? Antioxidants.

Rich in an abundance of antioxidants, Solution From Pollution shields your skin from damaging daily pollutants whilst preventing irritation. It’s your ultimate complexion protection – we’ve never seen it take a day off!

Why you’ll love it
• Daily application protects the skin from invisible pollution
• Antioxidants fight off free radicals, stopping them in their tracks
• An oil-free, non-comedogenic formulation (no pore-clogging in sight!)
• Plays well with others – can be layered with all serums
• Slows down the ageing process – you’ll thank us in 10 years!

DERMAenergy Antioxidants
• Vitamin C Complex – protects against free radical damage, evens skin tone, and promotes collagen production.
• Resveratrol – fights off both the signs of ageing and environmental aggressors
• Green Tea – simultaneously soothing and protecting antioxidants
• White Tea – simultaneously soothing and protecting antioxidants
• Kakadu Plum – antibacterial + protecting antioxidants
• Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – our DERMAenergy staple to boost your skin’s energy bank

How to use
Solution From Pollution is recommended as part of your AM routine. Apply to cleansed skin before moisturiser and sun protection. 

solution from pollution C
Vitamin C - C3