by | Feb 28, 2022

The skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar beast that preys on people’s insecurities with claims that are often false or misleading. Many people – often women – fall victim to glossy advertising campaigns only to part with their money for no visible improvement in their skin.


Here’s what you need to know about skin.


Don’t focus on the brand, focus on the ingredients.

Expensive doesn’t mean better, ingredients do. I have worked in many clinics selling expensive moisturisers. One clinic sold moisturiser with gold flakes in it. Seriously – so what? It does nothing.
The ingredients we need depend on our skin type, skin concern , skin health and our age and lifestyle. This is where a consultation is so important – it ensures you get the results you want and don’t throw your money away. Basically you need nourishment and protection and this can be done with a combination of acids, vitamins and oils (and suncreen. Always sunscreen).


It’s easy!
Drink water. Eat well. Look after your gut. Poor gut health manifests in a number of undesirable skin conditions. If you’ve been on antibiotics or have poor gut health consider a probiotic to help. Wash your face properly every night. With a cleanser and a face washer. Make up wipes to not get rid of the residual dirt on the face and lead to build up and break outs.


The top layer of skin is the epidermis i.e. dead skin cells. In young children this turns over every 28 days and with every decade this extends by about 5-8 days which is why as we get older our skin appears more dull. This is why we need to get the skin turning over with retinol/Vitamin A.
The next level of skin the dermis give the skin it’s structure. This is where the collagen, elastin and fibrinogens live. When we’re young this layer is full of those 3 products but once we hit our thirties the supply starts rapidly decreasing and the dermis starts to sag which is where we see fine lines and wrinkles forming. To get skin care to this level is difficult – this is usually where our services come into play. We can boost collagen, elastin and fibrinogen mechanically with needling or beauty booster, using heat like our Cutera Excel V+ laser or chemically using our own platelets with PRP therapy. Book a consult with Nurse Kylie or Sammi to learn more.



Keep it simple. Cleanse. Correct. Protect. That’s it. Everything else is superfluous. This is why we are a proud and exclusive stockist of DERMAenergy in Orange. It’s an affordable, effective skin care range with no BS. The white label range is slightly more gentle and designed for younger skin or for people who haven’t used much in the way of active ingredients before. The black label is designed for more mature skin or skin that can take the full hit of active ingredients. This is why it is prescribed in clinic and can’t be purchased online.
  1. Cleanse with with a cleanser and face washer. We don’t bother with exfoliants as it’s just another step, instead we recommend using a silicone brush to get the best clean with your cleanser. Like DERMAenergy founder Sean Abel says “you don’t use your fingers to clean your teeth so why do the same for your face?”
  2. Correct your skin issues with a serum. Dry? Hyaluronic acids. Dull? Retinol. Redness/pigmentation? Vitamin B. Early ageing signs? Peptide and vitamin C.
  3. Moisturise.  Contrary to popular belief moisturisers don’t add moisture to the face. They stop moisture escaping. Use a light, medium or rich moisturiser depending on your personal preference.
  4. Protect. Sunscreen everyday. For best protection use a zinc based sunscreen as SPF sunscreen requires reapplication during the day and let’s be honest who is really doing that.

Check out the DERMAenergy range or come in clinic, all products can purchase in store, online or over the phone. Not sure what products to buy? We offer face to face and video skin consultation click here to find out more or book online now.