Runway Face Wand Makeup Brush



This dual-ended, magic wand will change your make up game. Now with a sleek matte black finish this luxurious and versatile tool, will make your makeup bag a lot lighter!
No need for all those brushes because this multipurpose brush applies up to 7 products!
Use the Dual Face wand to apply:
Liquid or Cream Foundation
Loose powder
If you’re in a hurry, you can also apply eyeshadow!
Vegan Friendly

*All Runway Room brushes come with a 12 Month Warranty

PLEASE NOTE: When washing your brush please use lukewarm water facing the brush downwards as to not get water in at the base as this will loosen the glue. Using a mild soap/shampoo, use circular motion into the palm of your hand to gently clean the brush, rinse off any excess soap. Squeeze out any excess water by gently running your finger and thumb along the bristles to the top of the brush. Leave brushes to dry on a towel. Always leave the brush tip hanging off your bench top slightly.