by | Sep 10, 2022

Our patented Cutera Excel V+ LASER Genesis is the most powerful in its class in the Central West.

It uses gentle micro-pulses of laser light to target the skin’s microvasculature and stimulate collagen production.

Genesis is a word meaning creation. Laser Genesis creates collagen production in the dermis.

It has been proven to decrease blood vessels that cause facial redness, and shrink oil glands, resulting in smooth, glowing skin.

Laser Genesis Benefits:

~ Skin tone & texture
~ Fine lines and wrinkles
~ Pore size
~ Facial redness
~ Acne scarring
~ Rosacea

Laser Genesis is:

~ safe on all skin types.
~ a quick, comfortable year-round aesthetic procedure.
~ non-invasive and has NO down-time.

Cost = $300 per treatment

Appointment time = 30mins (remember – no downtime! You can do this on a lunch break and have a member of our team reapply some TGA Approved Oxygenetix foundation so you can continue on with your day!)


Treatments now available with Nurse Kylie!