IV Vitamin Therapy

by | May 24, 2023

If you haven’t already guessed our latest service, we are thrilled to officially announce we are offering IV therapy from June 1st!

At CosMedic Collective we are passionate about health and believe we can do more to help increase the way our patients’ function and improve how they feel. We believe in the importance of feeling your best as well as looking your best.

What is IV therapy?

  • IV Therapy is a simple medical technique designed to introduce fluids, medicine and nutrition directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract where nutrients are often poorly absorbed.
  • IV therapy is an emerging method in preventive and integrative health care.

Why is IV therapy effective?

While good nutrition and hydration is something we must all aim for naturally in our daily diet, sometimes we can’t fully absorb our nutrients.

Patients who’ve had gastric surgery, are having chemotherapy, are training for serious sporting events or are battling illness are just a few types of people who could benefit from balancing their vitamins or amino acids with a little extra help.

Because of its direct administration it has a high level of nutrient absorption. It’s fast acting and is tailored to suit individual needs.

Our treatments are focused on supporting body function including:

– uplifting and maintaining general health

– supporting immune function

– improving cognitive function

– increasing metabolic function

– reducing stress receptors

– improving serotonin uptake (happy hormone)

Cost ranges from $200-$400

Duration for IV therapy is 45mins-1hr

*Although some nutrients can be given directly into the muscle (IM) in a matter of minutes. Popular single dose IM treatments include B12 and Vitamin D, both of which are available individually for $50 each.