Celebrating Your Beautiful, Unique Face

by | Aug 3, 2022

When contacting CosMedic Collective, you will notice that our price list for anti-wrinkle is based ‘per unit’, what does this mean?

There are 3 anti-wrinkle products on the market, and they are all measured in individual unit sizes. How many units you need depend on a number of factors:


  1. The size of the muscle we are treating – some muscles, like the masseters (for jaw clenching) are very large and require a high dosage. In other areas, like a lip flip, only a small amount of units are needed.
  2. Muscle Strength – if your facial muscles are very active and haven’t had any previous treatment you will require more units than someone who has treatments regularly over an extended period of time and their muscles have weakened over time
  3. Outcome – you may have heard the phrase ‘Baby Tox’ thrown around. This basically means a smaller amount of units have been used. We believe we get what you pay for and it is our goal to cater to both our patients that simply want a ’light sprinkle’ and also to the patients wanting a full frozen face.


Every patient that walks through our door is beautiful and unique, this is why we don’t standardize our prices. Your face is not an area to be treated with a universal dose.


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