by | Jul 20, 2021

It’s hard to advertise or educate certain areas of our service because due to TGA and health laws medication names can’t be used. That’s why you’ll often see generalised terms such as “anti-wrinkle” used instead. 

The neuromodulator product that we use in anti-wrinkle treatment is a muscle relaxant. By relaxing the muscle movement, the collagen and elastin in the skin are able to repair any lines that have been caused by repeated muscle movement (e.g frowning) but did you know relaxing a muscle can have some other cosmetic properties? 
Enter the “lip flip” – a popular treatment that softly relaxes the muscle above the lip. In some patients, relaxing the muscle stops the lip rolling under and everts it out in a subtle flip. We only use a very small, measured amount of product which can not be increased as higher dosages around the mouth may affect speech or mouth formation. 
For some people, like this patient below, it’s just enough to achieve a natural result that will last about 8weeks. For others it’s a good starting point before moving onto dermal fillers to increase lip volume and projection. 
To learn more about neuromodulators for muscle relaxation and anti wrinkle treatments as well as dermal fillers for volume replacement and restoration come and visit me and @cosmediccollective_sammi at our new premise – 102 Byng St from September. 
Watch this space to learn about more exciting treatments, team members and of course the launch of our booking system coming soon!